Ophiura born from the ashes of O.D.U., a hard-rock band with a female singer, as like the Ophiura first line-up was. Just before the start of the recording of the EP “Ancestral Whispers”, it happens the first line-up change, that also is the second birth of the band: Matteo and Igor join Alex, Tommaso and Simone. After the recordings at the Zenith Studios of Frank Andiver, famous metal drummer in the 90's with Labyrinth, Ophiura start a promotional tour, with among 60 live performance in about 2 years and the EP positively reviewed by many webzine. The interest of Alkemist Fanatix Europe in this project brought to the production of the first full lenght, BeMind, and a deal with Copro Records UK.In march 2009 they come back to Lucca to record the new tracks.
It seems that the recording session brings bad luck to the band, 'cause there's another change of line-up: Simo quits with the band and Rudy become the new drummer (except for some month when the band played with the friend Luca).
In 2010 starts the promotional tour of BeMind, debut album outcoming in the summer 2011.
In the early 2011 has been decided to add a second guitar player, Sebastiano Barbirato, to increase the live performance.


Ophiura propose a melodic-metal with a mix of various genres, but mostly with orchestral and progressive elements.


The debut album is based on an idea of Alex e Tommaso. They wanted to tell in music the original story Noliar, born in 2005. After many changes, in 2008 becomes definitively BeMind.
The album is the story of a man, Christoph, the major of city called Noliar, an unbelievable perfect city. After an incomprehensible discovery he finds himself in the middle of a crossroads, with a choice to make that will change the rest of his life.
The booklet contains the standard lyrics and text parts to guide the listener through the story.
Ophiura also wanted to leave doubts regarding the ending of BeMind.
The album has 14 tracks:
01_One Day...
02_Picture Of The Gods
03_Road to Nowhere
04_Figures Pt.1 –ME-
05_Figures Pt.2 –MY FAMILY-
06_Figures Pt.3 –JULIAN-
08_A New Dawn
10_Road To Fate
11_Live Again
12_The Meaning of Me, The Meaning of Be
13_Opening Eyes
14_...I'll Be Like You
with 6 instrumental/narrative tracks and 8 songs, and many important featuring like Michele Luppi( ex Vision Divine, Killing Touch, Los Angeles ), that also is the vocals producer, Michele Vioni ( Killing Touch ) and Leonardo “Big Leo” Baricordi already guest in “Ancestral Whispers”.
The 9th of March 2011 will be released the digital edition on iTunes, Amazon, Play, etc...
The 25th of July 2011 is the official european release date.